Life Story:
I grew up in New York, in the Hudson Valley (lots of nature). As a child I was kept entertained with something to draw with and draw on, when I wasn't busy running the art camp for my stuffed animals. In middle school I became fascinated with photoshop and by high school I took more graphic design classes than my school actually had. By senior year I was just hanging out making up projects for myself and getting credit for it. In the meantime I was taking drawing and painting classes outside of school. My parents were pretty clear they'd prefer I'd go to college for graphic design rather than fine arts, and while I love painting I could see their point. I ended up in Brooklyn at Pratt Institute in the Communication Design program. During this time I started freelancing for a marketing firm, Spectrum, as a graphic designer. After graduation I started working there full-time, until I realized I really did not want to experience another New York winter. That is how I ended up in California, first in San Diego at The Lambesis Agency, and then in Los Angeles at Freeman Beauty. After a few years of sunny days I realized I really miss rain and the nature it brings. Now I am back on the East Coast in North Carolina, continuing to work remotely for Freeman Beauty as a content creator and social media manager.